5vs5 tournament with a special prize

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On Sunday 12th, at 22:30 (GMT +2) we are going to celebrate a new 5vs5 tournament with a very special prize. The entry will be free and the players will be able to form teams without restrictions: they can be from different guilds or the same. The prize for the winner team will be a Lite Power Up to give, with the restriction that the person who gets the gift must be someone who has never played here or, if he is an old player, he must not have played in the last year. The Power Up can’t be given to a player that was banned in the past.

The rules for the combats will be the following:
- The combats will be celebrated in Vesper and Jhelom randomly.
- The entry will be through a stone just like all the other events (it will be an automatic event).
- All the fighters will have the same equipment just like the matched 1vs1 and 2vs2 tournaments. Every player will get the usual equipment and also an ethereal mount for the combats.
- The players that die during the combat will be sent immediately to the tournaments arena: they can’t be resurrected.

We hope you like the initiative. If there is a good turnout we will repeat these tournaments again.