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Guild PvP Championship Rules

The Guild PvP Championship consists of a group stage and then playoffs between the classified teams, until a winner is determined.

Each round consists of 5 fights: Two 1vs1 combats in the arena, two outdoor 1vs1 combats, with obstacles, and one 2vs2 combat in the arena with obstacles. Each contender may bring up to two potions to the combat. Reagent organizers, potion organizers and portable banks are not allowed during the combat. Bandages or magical seeds are not allowed neither, but you can use magical seeds before the combat begins. In 2vs2 combats, only a weapon is allowed per contender, as in regular tournaments. In the outdoor 1vs1 combats the use of a mount is allowed. During the combat you shouldn't get off your mount. If you get off, the mount will go back to the arena automatically. The guild which wins 3 combats will be declared the winner of the round.

In the group stage the top two teams for each group will qualify for the playoffs. The tiebreakers are: More rounds won (points). In case of a tie on points between two teams, the first will be the winner of their direct confrontation, in case of a tie on points between more than two teams, the team which has less combats lost will lead. In case of a tie also in the number of combats lost, the winner of the direct confrontation will lead. In case of a tie of all three teams, there will be a triangular match (one combat) between the best 1vs1 players of each guild, on a schedule determined by the Staff. The fight would take place in the tournaments arena without obstacles.

The order of the combats is as follows: 1vs1 in arena, outdoor 1vs1, 2vs2 (arena with obstacles), outdoor 1vs1, 1vs1 in arena. Although a guild has earned 3 points before the fifth combat, the combats will continue as wins and loses count toward qualifying for the next round. If one of the guilds doesn't want to continue fighting, it can schedule the dates and not fight. To complete each round there will be a 10-day period. No way you can change the order of the combats. If you have not played a match in the first 8 days of the round, and no schedule has been agreed, the Staff will determine the schedule for the combats missing until the end of the round.

In each round, all the contenders must be different. That is, two players will be designated for the 1vs1 in the arena, two different players will be designated for the outdoor 1vs1s and a couple of players will be designated for the 2vs2 combat. There will be a maximum of two reserves. In total, six headline participants and two reserves. No one will be allowed to take part twice in the same round. In case that one of the headline participants is missing at the scheduled combat time, one of the reserves can enter up to 5 minutes after the scheduled time. After that time, if a team has not been presented, it loses the combat.

The reserves are not allowed to participate in more than one battle, so only two changes can be done in each round. If participants are missing in one of the two guilds, that guild will be declared the loser for that combat. If participants are missing on both sides, the battle will be declared void. If, once the 5 combats have been played, we can't declare a winner due to one of the combats being void, the willer will be the first guild in winning two points. If there wasn't three successfull combats because there are 3 or more void combats, both sides will be disqualified from the competition.

The guild leader will determine a captain, it would be logical to be himself. If they cannot be, they may determine a different player. The captain will be the only one who can communicate with the Staff on matters relating to the championship. Participants are determined by the captain, and can be different for each round. The captain will also agree with the rival captain, when choosing the time of the fighting.

The captains should make every effort to agree on the schedules. Otherwise, the Staff will be evaluate what the proposals are, and will determine the schedules considering what times are more logical. If it is found that one of the captains is acting in bad faith regarding the agreement of the schedules, their guild will be punished with a fine of 100.000 gold coins. If this action is repeated a second time, their guild will be disqualified from the tournament.

The registration fee will be 250.000 coins for each guild. The third placed will earn 10% of the amount raised. The runner up, 25%. The winners will earn the remaining 65%, plus a commemorative small statue.

Any violation of the rules by any participant will entail disqualification of their guild from the competition, and the next one, if there is one.